Demolition and Removal

We are the company that specializes in all kinds of demolition and removal throughout New Jersey: Middlesex; Somerset; Monmouth; Mercer Counties. We deal with home demolition and removal on property.

We take care of all your demolition and removal needs.

We always get the job done!

ACE REMOVAL has been in business since 1984. We are the helpful removal man at ACE. Here at ACE, we are old-school: We just get the job done!

  • no nickel and diming here
  • no magic tricks
  • no hocus pocus tricks

Our old school work ethics work great for all jobs. We do all the removal for you.

Heavy jobs? No problem: we have our own equipment.

Here at ACE REMOVAL, we keep the cost down low, with free estimates. We are not on the radio; we do not have billboards on the major highways; this is a big, big cost that ACE doesn’t have to pay for.

What we can, and do, is a great job and on time. Thanks to all our customers for using us in the past and to all repeat customers.

Thank you all, from ACE REMOVAL·

Demolition (exterior/interior) is the big part of our business: Demo of Pools, Sheds, Homes, Concrete, Kitchens and Bathrooms, ACE will get it done, and on time! We are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), fully insured. Thank you for choosing ACE REMOVAL.


James Feggulis,